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Graffiti design

Today everyone wants to express their identity creatively in action, things, thoughts.

One of the techniques is artistic design of the space with the help of graffiti (graffiti design), airbrushing, painting using a variety of assistive devices (fluorescent ink, etc.). So what are the ways to diversify usual things and why do it at all?

Graffiti: ways, methods, purpose

                One can definitely say that graffiti arose when the first man drew his uncertain scribbles on a stone wall. But as an independent street art graffiti took shape in the early 20th century and reached its peak at the beginning of 70-ies in America. Today it is not only about drawing – it is about a science.

                There are many ways to create graffiti, here are some of them:

– 3D pictures of phrases, inscriptions, words called simply graffiti. It is made on a wall with the help of simple paints;

– Graffito — is a style in which paint is put on a multilayered plaster;

– Spray art — is the quickest style to perform, it is especially adorable by the young people. A picture is put on an empty wall (or any wall) with aerosol paint.

Why? Why make clean walls dirty with paint? What is the sense? Initially graffiti expressed political ideas, dissatisfaction of people but today this multilayered art that means a lot for its performers. This is both beauty and art and idea of self expression.

Exclusive air brushing (aerography)

                So what is it? It is based on the use of airbrush or spray paint which with the help of compressed air applies paint on any surface. It is a kind of modern offshoot of graffiti. It is very popular among car owners as it allows you to work out your car among others. Some mistakenly believe that air brushing is art of drawing the image on a car but in reality it covers much more and is used in body art, art painting, etc.

There exists only one method of application: with an airbrush and compressed air. But thanks to the quick ability to get dry and diversity of artistic solutions this sphere received a new push, so we can soon expect some novelties.

Artistic painting

This sphere can be considered as the alma mater of graffiti and airbrushing. It was painting that started holistic perception of pictures and paintings (or area) on which it is performed. Because if previously piece of space limited by the frame was seen as a separate part of the interior with the appearance of artistic painting all came to be seen as a whole and continuation of each other.

Artistic painting is performed with different devices: brushes, files, whatsoever; the most important is to put a picture on the surface.

Fluorescent paints

At once a question: why? It is funny, beautiful and very unusual. These are paints that contain special substances which during the day accumulate heat energy and then when it has got dark they give this energy by glowing.

Do not be afraid to make experiments! Try something new, let bright paints into your life!