Stanislas Dange is a professional graffiti artist, illustrator and designer.
Main work areas are: graffiti design (art decoration of spaces and interiors ), creating of brand identities and commercial illustrations, vehicle vinyl decals design).


Граффити оформление

Crop Salon
Фирменный стиль

Pacific Beauty Bar

Audi ABT
граффити оформление

коммерческая иллюстрация


Opel Corsa


graffiti decoration

  • Interior decoration
  • Graffiti decoration
  • Exclusive aerography
  • Decorative painting
  • Painting with fluorescent paints

commercial illustrations

  • Graffiti advertising
  • Brandname identity
  • Polygraphy design
  • Commercial illustrations
  • Creative commercial concepts

exclusive vehicle vinyl decals

  • Vehicle vinyl decals
  • Exclusive vehicle vinyl decals
  • Custom vinyl graphics
  • Vinyl characters
  • Handmade

«Many years of experience in working with clients from different parts of Russia and world, nonstandard art ideas and unique entrepreneurial approach to the art provide me with a clear understanding of the objectives of my clients and allow effective achievement of the set goals, turning creative work into a tool for success.”

Graffiti design

Art and graffiti design are already widespread when creating an interior

But what is really nonstandard artistic decision?

I am sure that the works will speak for themselves: the use of brand and recognizable graphics will not only emphasize the individuality but also will mark you out among other creative spaces.

Style! That is what defines my works. It is about style that is no one will be ashamed to show to the audience and that not only supplements but also extols its owner to a higher rank.

  • Граффити оформление
  • Оформление пространства
  • Граффити оформление
  • Граффити оформление

Commercial illustrations

Creating commercial illustration is a very delicate matter. On the one hand, it has to carry informational message, on the other – it has to meet the aesthetic requirements and be accepted by the client.

That is how I create the illustrations without overloading them with unnecessary information. I draw something that will not only please the customers but also something that will deliver the information to the purchaser.

There are a lot of foreign companies among my clients that have already appreciated the work of commercial illustrations in the purchaser’s market.

  • Коммерческая иллюстрация
  • Коммерческая иллюстрация
  • Коммерческая иллюстрация

Exclusive Vehicle Vinyl Decals

Would you like your car to mark out in grey city routine life?

Would you like others to look at you with admiration and delight and to assess respectfully your taste expressed in inimitable artistic design of your automobile?

Exclusive Vehicle Vinyl Decal is exactly what you need.

Because I do not make any patterns or banners in color. Only creative work.