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Exclusive car vinyl decals

Pasting a car with vinyl film – is an effective way to upgrade your car. Exclusive car vinyl decal makes it possible to realize the most original ideas and make your car unique having its own design and style. Vehicle vinyl decal may be completely different – it can be small vinyl stickers on the window, door of the gas tank, torpedo and volumetric vinyl images covering significant part of the car.

Car vinyl film has a number of indisputable advantages:

  • Protective properties

Vinyl protects perfectly the car body from different mechanic damages – scratches, splits, chemicals, etc

  • Availability

Using vehicle vinyl film costs much less than airbrushing. In professional hands exclusive car vinyl will look no worse than an airbrush picture. Moreover among the fans of tuning cars this method is called “film airbrushing”. Of course unlike airbrushing vinyl film can be easily removed from the vehicle body.

  • Material durability, quality guarantee

Due to the increased durability the vehicle vinyl decal has a fairly long life, do not fade in the sun, does not come unstuck, is not exposed to chemicals. Special polishing technology gives extra durability and eliminates single small scratches and damages.

Vehicle Wrap Vinyl does not require special care. It is easy to wash, it bears high temperatures, high humidity and cold of climate in St. Petersburg. But even if at some point you want to remove the film – it can be done quickly and without too many difficulties. Paint and lacquer coating of the body will not suffer.